Machine Operations

Quality Custom Milling on Cast Iron Applications

GFMCO offers the latest and most complex CNC technologies to meet your machining needs. Our CNC machining centers provides a variety of machines, operation times, and sizes for our quality ductile iron and gray iron products. We offer a plethora of Nedic OKK HM 800 and 1000S models to meet demand.


The OKK HM1000S delivers heavy duty cutting performance by incorporating a rigid frame of thick box-shaped structure to foundation the large linear roller guides designed for very heavy loads. High-speed rotation APC and ATC by synchronization cam (OKK patent) delivers smooth performance and production efficiency.

New concepts in high-speed CNC machining offer drastic improvements in speed, rigidity and durability over competing machines. OKK‘s HM series offers the fastest and most powerful horizontal milling machines in their class while providing easy access, maintenance, and operation.

The result is precision machining and quality control to ensure perfectly machined castings, saving your company time, money and effort.

Your casting order will then be promptly painted, secured to pallets, then bundled and loaded for immediate shipment to your facilities.

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Goldens’ Foundry and Machine Company has been committed to producing quality gray and ductile castings for over 140 years.

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