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Solve your components needs with quality cast and machined large and small components that are on par with the most recognized international brands in the world. Beyond quality, we offer consistent on time delivery and cost control.

Construction Equipment

When you are in need of construction components, Goldens’ has had long lasting supplier relationships with the most recognized brands in the industry where our commitment to consistent quality, on time delivery and cost control has made us the supplier of choice.

CAT 988K Large Wheel Loader 800x492

Heavy Duty Trucks

When you are in need of heavy duty truck components, Goldens’ produces some of the most complex parts in the trucking industry, where the suspension meets the frame. If your interest is in reducing cost and removing weight from the vehicle, we can help with the development of lightweight high strength Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) components. Our vertically integrated machine shops also allow for a reduction in additional handling and shipping while giving us the flexibility to react to high volume truck production schedule changes.

Farm Machinery and Equipment

When you are in need of large and small farm machinery and equipment components, Goldens, has been producing machined castings for America’s agriculture industry since 1882, our long experience and deep production capabilities provide the leaders of the industry the components they need to be competitive and successful.

Materials Handling Equipment

When your company is in need of high quality material handling products, Goldens’ can solve it by applying advanced product development practices while making use of the latest materials, including Ductile Iron Castings. Apart from obvious ease of assembly advantages, the stiffness and weight of our solid cast steer axles also help to reduce overall noise and vibration levels enhancing operator comfort. The excellent durability of Goldens’ cast assemblies versus welded fabrications has also been proven over a long time period. Our forklift axle components, wheels and suspension parts are cast and precision machined to withstand the most demanding applications.

Oil and Gas Field Equipment

When you need a solution to oil and gas field components, Goldens’ cast and machine components are used in a large variety of applications from high-temperature shale-gas drilling machinery to remote deep-water rigging sites. Our parts help to deliver the complex solutions our customers are striving for, after more than 100 years of supplying cast iron components to this industry you can rely on us for the precision cast and machined Ductile Iron parts you need.

Highway Street and Bridge Construction

When your company is in need of highway and bridge components, Goldens’ supplies castings that are used in the high-rise construction industry. These high quality post tensioning castings allow contractors to reduce thickness of the concrete, and improve overall construction strength and capabilities. It will withstand natural elements through improved flexibility

In addition, we supply our construction customers with our ductile iron casting for linear drainage and utility trench systems with grating systems. Grates are used for projects like ATCO malls, paper mills, construction sites, and airports.

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Goldens’ Foundry and Machine Company has been committed to producing quality gray and ductile castings for over 140 years.

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