Your solution to quality machined gray and ductile cast iron components.


You need the highest quality casting parts to ensure that your product offering is exceptional to your customers. Goldens’ compliments your needs with capabilities that offer the highest quality green sand castings in the industry.

As part of your solution, Goldens’ capabilities include a wide range of castings, from large to small with cost-effective, fast turnaround 3D printing and prototypes before production begins. Capabilities also include excellent quality systems and current ISO certification.

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You will receive the highest quality green sand castings in the industry. 

Based on your specific certifications, Goldens’ delivers a full range of austempered ductile iron.

Your company would also receive a full range of in-house painting capabilities:

Machine Centers

Your casting quality components deserve top notch, precision machining.  Goldens’ CNC machining centers provide you with a variety of machines, operation times, and sizes for your quality ductile iron and gray iron products.

Quality Systems

ISO 9001-2015

To ensure that you receive premium quality machined castings, Goldens’ Foundry & Machine Company has been ISO certified since December of 1997 and is currently certified to the ISO 9001-2015 version of the Standard.  Our ISO program is based on the commitment by senior management to meet and exceed customer expectations and is maintained by frequent internal assessments and the employment of both “Lean Manufacturing” and “5S Program” techniques. Copies of our certificate are available to all current and prospective customers.

Quality Control

The quality of your machined casting components are extremely important to you. To ensure consistent quality, Goldens’ effectively monitors each aspect of the production process to identify areas we can improve. To continue being a leader in ductile iron and gray iron castings and machining, we continually learn from our difficulties and accomplishments. Our dedication to continuous improvement guides our quality control department. Each department is audited at least twice during the calendar year. We ensure that processes are followed and quality objectives achieved. Corrective Action Requests are issued, as appropriate, based upon audit findings. We maintain a working body of knowledge, always accountable, so that we will improve. Management Review Meetings are held during the course of the year in order to verify that all aspects of our Quality System have been addressed.

Leadership meets weekly to discuss our tasks at hand, achievements in each department, and areas to improve. Likewise, department heads meet weekly with their teams to offer and solicit ideas for improvement.

Single Source Means SAVINGS to you. When your company partners with Goldens’, single sourcing process, production, and delivery of quality machined castings, saves your company time and money. 

Scrap elimination and zero dollar loss. Parts received are fully finished to meet your specifications.

Ability to achieve quick turnaround and meet changing market needs

Validation of part design from concept to completion

Inventory reduction – parts received take a direct route to assembly

No investment for add-on machine tools or specialized operators

Guaranteed quality and reliability

Stronger client-supplier working relationship 

Value-Added + Single Source = Customer success and satisfaction from start to finish.

Let Goldens’ put these dynamic elements to work for you!

As the industry leader in value-added supply and services, Goldens’ appreciates the importance of supplying assembly line ready components to customers. The industrial marketplace has driven the responsibility for product design, engineering, and testing down the supply chain to the component provider, and Goldens’ meets the challenge.

Pouring Iron Since 1882.

Goldens’ Foundry and Machine Company has been committed to producing quality gray and ductile castings for over 140 years.

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